четверг, 14 октября 2010 г.


  • Improved gzip.
  • Added charset option.
  • Added option to choose between files exclusion or inclusion into CSS Sprites.
  • Added option for load time counter (via GA).
  • Improved SEO compatibility.
  • Improved HTML Sprites.
  • Improved HTML caching.
  • Drupal 7.x added to supported systems.
  • Minor fixes


  • Added WEBO Nimblizer (image optimization tool).
  • Cancelled PHP4 back compatibility.
  • Added CSS Minify option.
  • Added unobtrusive support for Affiz ads, Google Translate widget.
  • Separated unobtrusive widgets configuration.
  • Added option to exclude GET params from URL hash on caching.
  • Improved server environment detection.
  • Improved HTML caching.
  • Minor fixes.