понедельник, 11 января 2010 г.


  • Product name changed to WEBO Site SpeedUp.
  • Completely new interface.
  • Added utility to optimize images (via smush.it).
  • Added separate 'Cache' page (with all files listing).
  • Added separate 'Account' page.
  • Added separate 'System settings' page.
  • New selection screen for configuration sets.
  • Improved stability for .htaccess changes.
  • Fixed a few of issues with native plugins compatibility.
  • Improved server side caching (flush, WordPress, Joomla!).
  • Added exclusion by COOKIE to server side caching.
  • PrestaShop (1.2.5) added to supported systems.
  • WEBO Site SpeedUp spot changed to <!--WSS-->.

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